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Kids Jam + Kawaii Journaling for Business Organization

Hi friends old and new!

I thought I’d share some kawaii journaling.

I’m overwhelmed with creative ideas and business builds, so I decided to organize a massive brain dump … the kawaii creative way. Yah know?!

So Wednesday, I took my usual drawing day and did some d.i.y and repurposing.

But before I hop to that though, let me share my studio, Little INKPLAY Shop‘s first event.

✨Kids Jam 2016


#INKPLAY customerLittle INKPLAY Shop supporter, and #supportLIPS team member Lucretia and I are teaming up for some community, art, and culture fun, in the form of a Kids Jam!


What: Kids Jam Clothes Swap & Art Workshop with Imani, Lucretia, and Underdog the DJ ♥

When: Nov. 13, 2016 12pm-4pm

Where: Little INKPLAY Shop, College Park MD

Fee: FREE!

♥♥ there will be surprise freebies ♥♥

Activities include: Clothes swap hosted by Lucretia, Daruma colouring book workshop and culture talk hosted by Imani, and dancing to tunes provided by Underdog the DJ  ♥

Attendees are encouraged to bring clothes for swap, kids, and a creative attitude.

Clothes should be gently used & clean clothes for kids ages 0-5 yrs.

If you don’t have any, it’s ok! Please come join us and enjoy the day, anyway  ♥

Let Us Know You’re Coming!


✨ Kawaii Journaling Organization for Business

So, like I shared earlier, I have A LOT of creative ideas.

From response and feedback, it seems like a lot of my ideas have potential. I want to take the feedback more serious and do better to organise and grow my ideas.

So I did a thing …

I found an unused moleskin book (I tend to hoard journals and blank books 🙈😅 so I probably grabbed it some time ago) and turned it into my business planning and creative ideas book.

Check it out!

favorite quote by Matisse (poorly doodled 😅)

Important note: My way of business organization is in part inspired by Kaila’s recent Hobonichi with Me project and ABC Daily Journaling with Abby Sy and friends at Kawaii Philippines. (link to recent Kawaii PH post about journaling)

Items for organizing include kawaii stationary, washi tapes, and stickers from two of my favs –  Rainbowholic Shop and Kawaii Box.

♡ Organizing Overall The Vision/ Concept

aligning the objectives of my work + pay it forward + social message
how does my business fit into my local creative economy’s bigger picture?
how (& to who) am I willing to pay it forward?
explain the social message of positive self-improvement through creative living
inspirational quotes can be doodled here! ^.^

Organizing overall short/ long-term goals on a page was an after thought.

So I repurposed my front page for these things.

When the spirit hits again, though, I’ll probably design the page for my own creative amusement. 😅

♡ Organizing Little INKPLAY Shop Concept and Classes

Mission:Everyone has the opportunity to make a better life, but not everyone knows how to. For those who happen to know, help those who don’t.

What better way to explore this possibly overwhelming concept than with something as relaxing and creatively challenging as art?!

I’ll be doing brain dumps of art exploration classes I want to organize and host
ready to doodle organise my ideas away
excited for some of these product ideas already … but baby steps ^^

♡ Organizing Creative Projects & Ideas

Tim’s teaching me how to organise my ideas and weave them into my business (as I see it in my head ^^)
this page will be filled in no time! ^.^
this page will be filled in no time! ^.^
(☟) check out my current creative projects, thus far ^.^
getting started here THIS week! … if we plan to launch soon ❤
pages for each project have envelopes, sticky notes, and paperclips … for quick idea catching ^^
DC KawaiiStyle’s big push is Chateau de Kawaii, coming 2017 ❤
kawaii empowerment … here we come! ^^
and THIS is where my heart is ❤

If you enjoyed this, please check out more of CREATIVE, ME! and learn more about Little INKPLAY Shop.

Happy Monday!

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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