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After a recent panel convo this seems fitting to share ~⠀

I’m always estatic when I can help someone change the perspective of how they see themselves after a tattoo :)⠀

And so happy I have these tools to serve people that way. But how’d I get them? 🤷🏾‍♀️👇🏾 ⠀
so … among other things, I’m dysmorphic and sometimes what’s happening in my head is NOT true to reality (like 500(+) lbs way off 🤦🏾‍♀️) Over the years playing in the mirror has been tough but my beau coupled with cute + expressive fashion help me get a long 💖✨
My fav days are the days I can’t stay out of the mirror. Not because I’m narcissitically full of myself. But just …⠀
I remember when I didn’t have creative ways to look at and appreciate myself.⠀
I’m still shy. But the growth in the past 5 years has been tremendous ^.^⠀Any so happy to be actively *back* into Jfashion ✨ (BTW – candy stores don’t always help but they’re cute so it’s ok 🤣)
So even though not always immediate, I’m always super pumped for my client because I KNOWWWWW this feel all too well 💖💫 It’s among the most freeing experiences EVER! and honored when I get to witness this journey in & with others – through or beyond tattoo.⠀

What about you?⠀
Do you have any quirks that have helped you develop valuable skillsets?

Let's talk about it. Leave a comment ~

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