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Kawaii Omiyage Tattoo + Ippie-chan Werk + DC to Japan Photo Spam

Hi かわいい + Creative family, Guess who’s still in Japan ~ And you know what that means! Some DC to Japan updates, YES! I’m just breezing through with some photo spam from my time at Artemis Tattoo with Hachi (I LOVE my sister and so proud of her girl bossin’) + some kawaii randomness haha…

Kawaii Omiyage Tattoo + Ippie-chan Werk + DC to Japan Photo Spam was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner

DC to Japan

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Thank you for the opportunity to share my story, Jen ❤

The #1MoreVoice Movement was created to show that “WE” as individuals believe in the power of our voices. YOU are not alone in your pain! As a community we need to stand up and put an end to the stigma around mental health. This movement is meant to inspire those who suffer in silence. These illnesses, do not limit individuals from being successful. The world should be inspired by the individuals who battle these conditions! Not only are we capable of greatness, but we also have the strength to endure and continue to strive regardless of our medical conditions. I want to inspire you with our Journeys, to be #1MoreVoice towards ending the stigma and discrimination against those suffering with mental health disorders.

Andrew BrinerProfession: Owner of AJB Aerial Imagery

From: Devon, England

Condition: Depression

Journey: Andrew Briner is a 27 year old business owner currently based in Devon, England. Andrew was diagnosed…

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DC to Japan

Afro Kawaii

1 Eclectic Heart's #SpiltMilk

Sneaker freaker, tattoo artist, illustrator, visual communicator, she seems to be in love with and made of colors. Imani is a native of NE Washington, DC and still proud to say she is an Ivy City honey. She is a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, DC and Clark Atalanta University where she studied.

In conversation:
Me: When did you decided that you wanted people’s skin to be your canvas? What about the sneakers?

Imani: I didn’t. I wanted to know what I was allowing someone to do to me, how they were playing a part in my self harm ~ I asked my then artist, a white man, if he’d apprentice me. He shared that he’d never apprentice a black person, let alone a female … and I was like cool ~ From there it shifted from a curiosity and became more of a MUST. Chris…

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The Kawaii Creative Entrepreneur, Imani K. Brown

Allow Me to Introduce Myself 🌸Hi!🌸 I'm Imani K. Brown, tattoo artist/ illustrator + kawaii creative, based in DC + Japan Or simply ... the girl behind the brands! I'll be taking a most colorful, kawaii + creative entrepreneurship journey soon and hoping you'll join me for the ride! Here's a bit about me ~ 🌸iTattoo🌸 When… Continue reading The Kawaii Creative Entrepreneur, Imani K. Brown

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My Tokyo Air BnB Review + Daily Walk Routine in Asaka-ku, Saitama

Hi かわいい + creative family! Happy Monday and how goes it ~ I’m so far behind – being sick and things – with my air b & b review from my stay in Tokyo. But better late than never, right?! And after … I’ll take you on a walk around my little neighborhood. It was…

My Tokyo Air BnB Review + Daily Walk Routine in Asaka-ku, Saitama was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner